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24th October 2014.

Dear Parents

There is a lot of media coverage lately about childhood obesity and healthy eating.  We have noticed that some lunch boxes contain items which are of no nutritional value.  Children need a balanced diet especially during the school day. Research tells us that hyperactivity is linked to eating foods high in sugars and other additives.  This can have a damaging effect on the child’s concentration and can be a cause of disruption in the classroom, thus affecting the learning process.  Some fruit drinks such as capri suns/fruit shoots are extremely damaging to teeth which has contributed enormously to the increase in the amount of fillings and teeth extractions in young children lately.

A number of parents have asked about our school policy on lunch content and healthy eating. For these reasons we are updating our Healthy Eating Policy as follows.

The following is a list of the recommended foods to choose from for your child’s daily lunch, Monday to Friday.

Carbohydrates Protein Fruit/Vegetables Dairy Drinks


Pitta Bread
Rice Cakes (Plain or Yoghurt only)
Plain Brioche
Nature Valley Bars
Nutri Grain Bars
Pasta Salad
Rice Salad


Meat Filling
Salad Filling
Egg Filling
Fish Filling
Cheese Filling
Slices of Meat
Seeds Fruit


Fruit Salad
Homemade fruit smoothies
Raw vegetable sticks


-cheese dippers

Pots (low sugar) (no corner)
Yoghurt drinks (low sugar)


Diluted juice

A healthy lunch would include: water, a sandwich with a protein filling, at least 1 portion of fruit, cheese and/or a yoghurt.

Friday Treat – Parents can include ONE item from the following list of treats in addition to their normal healthy lunch on a Friday ONLY.

Cereal Bar      Home baked bun/slice cake/flapjack
Chocolate covered rice cake    Treat size bar (no bigger than club milk/
Corner yoghurt (2nd to 6th classes only.)  penguin etc.)
Ginger bread man     Petit pain/Brioche
Popcorn      Nutella on bread/crackers/rice cakes only.
2 biscuits      Fruit Winder.

The following foods are NOT allowed in lunch boxes:

• Chewing gum
• Chocolate of any description – Friday Treat only.
• Crisps
• Sweets
• Fizzy drinks
• Yazoos and equivalent
• Flavoured drinks
• Fruit shoots and equivalent
• Hot deli food (e.g. chicken fillet rolls, sausage sandwiches, sausage rolls, pizza, chips, pies, jambons, wedges etc.)
• Cake/Brownies etc.
• Chocolate yogurts (e.g. flake yoghurts)

If your child has any special dietary requirements please provide a doctor’s letter confirming same.

We thank you for your support on all school matters to date.  We look forward to implementing this revised Healthy Eating Policy with your co-operation.  We are confident that it will help to establish lifelong, healthy eating habits.

Thanking you.

Yours sincerely

Bernard Mulhern
School Principal

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