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Recently St. John's purchased 27 iPads, an Apple TV, a mobile WiFi router and a caddy for use in the classroom. Each child has their own iPad for the duration of the lesson. The iPads are used to support learning in the classroom and can bring learning to life through apps that incorporate augmented reality . The use of iPads in St. John's is wide and varied -

- Augmented Reality
- Project Research
- Project Presentations
- Book Creator
- Audio Books
- Creating Digital Content
- Learning Apps
- Digital Musical Instruments
- Developing Online Awareness
- Developing Cyber Citizenship
Why use iPads in the classroom?
Using Augmented Reality in the Classroom
Junior Infants using iPads to learn Phonics and Shape
Fab Lab Robotics
Coding with Fab Lab
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St. John's Co-educational N.S.
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