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Junior Achievement Ireland volunteer their time in St. John's "to  inspire and motivate young people to realise their potential by valuing  education and understanding how to succeed in the world of work". Below  is an outline of some of the fantastic programmes they offer to our  classes.

Let’s open a window on  the wider world! JA primary school programmes show young students the  vast array of opportunities there are for them to use their talents,  imagination and creativity when they grow up. Let’s help them reach  their best potential!

Our  business volunteers choose the hands-on activity-based programme they  would like to teach, the area they would like to teach it in and the  time of year they would like to do this in.

A  half-day’s training in all aspects of their chosen programme means our  business volunteers are totally comfortable with classroom management,  teaching techniques and each module of their programme. And of course,  the teacher will be present in the classroom at all times lending  additional support.

Ourselves (5 - 6 years)

Ourselves  introduces the economic roles of individuals. This programme runs for  30 minutes weekly for five weeks. Story time and small children. JA uses  compelling stories about helping, working, earning, and saving along  with hands-on activities to engage the students.

Our Families (6–7 Years)

Our  Families discusses the role of families in the local economy. This  programme runs for 35 minutes weekly for five weeks. A healthy society  means working together. And it all starts with the people with whom we  live. JA volunteers use a combination of pictures, stickers, and  flashcards to engage students in activities about needs, wants, jobs,  tools, skills, and interdependence.

Our Community (7–8 Years)

Our  Community looks at responsibilities and economic opportunities within a  community. This programme runs for 45 minutes weekly for five weeks.  What lies beyond your front door? Let’s explore it! JA volunteers  display a poster of a typical community and students meet some of the  people who live and work there. Through hands-on activities, the  students learn about workers, the work they perform, why workers are  paid, what taxes are and how they are used as well as where to save  money.

Our City (8–9 Years)

Our  City considers economic development, local businesses, and career  opportunities. This programme runs for 45 minutes weekly for five weeks.  A city is a place where a lot of people live, work, play, and go to  school. So JA classroom volunteers help students build a city! Students  construct paper buildings, map out a city, write newspaper articles,  plan their own restaurants, and examine why banks are important.

Our Nation (9–10 Years)

Our Nation studies business operations and economic issues in Ireland..

This  programme runs for 45 minutes weekly for five weeks. In this in-depth  and action packed programme, students role-play business ownership,  produce a product using different methods of production, look at the  costs associated with running a business, create product advertisements,  and take charge of their own businesses to make a profit! Our Nation  studies business operations, resources and economic issues in Ireland.

Our World (10-11 Years)

Our World studies key curriculum areas and how they apply to the business world.

This  programme runs for 45 minutes weekly for five weeks. STEM Skills.  Science. Technology. Engineering. Maths. Through hands-on activities  each week students explore STEM skills and the role they play in the  future of the business world. Exploring how technology and  communications are vital growth areas in the global marketplace,  students examine entrepreneurship and develop their own business ideas.

Our Universe (10–12 Years)

Our Universe explores the world of science and engineering in a fun and exciting way.

This  programme runs for 45 minutes weekly for five weeks. The exciting world  of science is all around us! Students learn through hands-on activities  to value and understand the scientific world that surrounds them. They  are introduced to the role science plays in industry in Ireland today  and career opportunities available to them in the future.

More than Money (12 - 13 Years)

JA  More than Money reinforces the economics, business and social studies  curriculum for students of sixth class primary and first year secondary  school. The programme also provides a strong focus on mathematics,  reading and writing skills. Students are encouraged to use a new way of  thinking as they learn money-management skills and explore their career  aspirations.

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