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Newsletter September 2014



Dear Parents

By now your child will be well settled at St. John’s and we hope that he/she will be very happy here.  If you have any queries or concerns please contact us.
A calendar of school holidays for the year was given to all pupils before the summer break.  Anyone who did not receive same can get a copy from the school office.

A sincere thank you to all those who have paid the Heating Contribution of €40 (€70 for 2 or more) and also the payment for Arts/Crafts/Tests of €25.00.
A reminder to those who have not yet paid.

Music Generation – Our second classes will participate in the Music Generation programme this term. Mr Finan’s class will learn to play the recorder and Ms McElroy’s class will learn to play the keyboard. Senior infants & first class will also participate in a 10 week “Introduction to Music Programme.”

Dates for Your Diary:
Midterm Break – Mon 27th October to Friday 31st October.
First Confession – 26th March 2015 at 7pm.
First Holy Communion – 26th April 2015 at 10.30am.
Confirmation – 6th of May 2015 at 11.30am.

Book Rental Scheme – As you are aware we commenced our Book Rental scheme throughout the school this year with over 60% of pupils participating in the scheme.  A substantial amount of money was invested in this scheme, so to ensure its future success all pupils must take great care with their books.  If books are damaged or lost throughout the year, deposits will not be refunded at year end.
Staff Announcements – We wish to welcome Ms Fiona Doddy to St Johns N.S.  Ms Doddy is our new language support teacher. She is originally from Sligo and has worked in Limerick for the last number of years.

A reminder to all parents that parking is strictly prohibited along the driveway, from a Health & Safety perspective.  I would again appeal to parents to please park along Temple Street to avoid traffic congestion and to utilise the pedestrian crossing.
Allianz Pupil Insurance Scheme – Reminder that if anyone wishes to include their child under the Allianz Pupil Insurance Scheme – please return completed form and money to school office by 30th of September.

Reminder that all pupils must wear full uniform at all times (with the exception of P.E. days when they can wear their own tracksuit.)  Please ensure that all items of uniform are clearly labelled with your child’s name.

School Improvements: - Major work was carried out over the summer holidays. The outside of the school was transformed with new colours.  The old boiler was replaced with 4 condenser boilers and 4 fan heaters were fitted in the Sports Hall.

The Department of Education is developing a new electronic database of primary schools which will involve schools maintaining and returning data on all pupils to the Department.  In order to assist us in gathering this information we will be sending out a form to all pupils to be completed and returned to the school office as soon as possible.  We would appreciate your co-operation with this matter.

If a pupil is missing from school they must provide a written note or doctor’s cert.  All pupils who miss over 20 days from school must be reported to the NEWB.
A reminder that school starts at 9.20am and that all pupils should line up when the bell rings.  Arriving late on a regular basis is an extremely bad habit for any pupil.  They are also losing out on valuable teaching time.
Please note that all pupils must stay at the back of the school until the bell rings at 9.20am.  If it is raining pupils can shelter in the veranda.  For insurance reasons no pupils (except the special class pupils who travel by taxi/bus) are allowed inside the school until after 9.20am.  

Homework is a very important aspect of each pupil’s education.  Please ensure that you check same on a daily basis.  Please also sign the test copy weekly.
Pupils are asked to walk on the footpath as they enter/leave the school.  They are not allowed to run in under the trees.  Their safety is our concern and trees/shrubs have also been damaged since September.  We ask for your co-operation on this matter.

SCHOOL YEAR 2014-2015
Junior Infants  Ms Egan

Senior Infants  Ms McGowan
First Class  Ms Devenney
2nd Class 1  Mr Finan
2nd Class 2  Ms McElroy
3rd Class  Ms McCafferty
4thClass  Mr Bree
5th Class  Ms O’Hanlon
5th/6th Class  Mr Hartnett
Jnr Speech & Language Class
Ms Keaney

Snr Speech & Language Class
Ms Weissmann

Special Class  Ms Callery

Resource Teacher Mrs Collery

Learning Support Ms Kielty

Learning Support Ms Rooney

EAL Teacher  Ms Doddy
Our School will continue to avail of the services of School Completion Programme and Home Youth Liaison Service.

Halloween Assembly - We will have a fancy dress assembly in the School Hall on Friday 24th of October.

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