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Communion and Confirmation Dates
Confirmation Friday 11th September 4:30

Communion 19th September 3pm

The guidelines issued for confirmation will also apply to the communion.

The sacrament of Confessions will be addressed when schools get back in early September.

Please God we are not forced into lockdown again at this time.

Fr. Declan Boyce

Guidelines for Confirmation/Communion – Diocese of Elphin
Arrival at the Church.
• Members of the same household should enter the church together. They should then occupy one family seat. They should observe social distancing at all times; before, during and after Mass.
• Any person who may be more vulnerable to the Covid-19 virus is strongly advised not be attend the ceremony.
The Ceremony.
• Parish or school choirs should not be present at the liturgy.
• Music can be provided by an organist and a soloist.
• Under the present circumstances, children will not be invited to come into the sanctuary area to express a Word of Welcome, do the Readings from Scripture or Prayers of the Faithful.
• Candidates should sit with their families and be seated at the end of the pew nearest the aisle. They should remain in their pew throughout the ceremony. The bishop/celebrant will come to confirm them in their place, with a family member acting as sponsor or by proxy for another relative or friend.
• To avoid any possibility of contamination, gifts and symbols will not be brought to the Altar nor should anybody come forward to read a reflection after Holy Communion.
Administration of the Sacrament.
• The bishop/celebrant should be provided with a small tray with two containers; one filled with cotton buds and the other empty to receive used buds. He will bring the Oil of Chrism.
• The priest(s) of the parish should remain in the Sanctuary and the teachers if they can be present) in their seats while the bishop administers the Sacrament.
• The candidates should hold their Confirmation card in their hands, with their name and Confirmation name written clearly on it. (Details for registration will have been collected separately)
• The candidates should stand to receive the Sacrament, and sit afterwards.
• Used cotton buds must be disposed of in accordance with Resource 4 of NCSUFLG
Holy Communion.
• The distribution of Holy Communion should take place in accordance with the pattern established
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