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For those of you who  aren’t familiar with Science Week, it is ran on behalf of Science  Foundation Ireland  and it involves various colleges, schools,  libraries, teachers,  researchers and students throughout the country.  So, how did Science  Week originate and what exactly is in involved?

Brief History of Science Week:
The  first Science Week was held in Ireland in 1996 and was organised by an  organisation called Forfás  on behalf of the Office of Science and  Technology at the Department of  Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation. It was  essentially aimed at raising the  general awareness of the key benefits  of science and technology to  people nationwide. SFI took over Science  Week from Forfás in 2012. Since  then, it has continued to grow and  expand into what it represents today  -  which is basically a week long  celebration of the science industry  and the demonstration of this in  daily life. Nowadays the Science Weeks  have themes such as 2017’s theme  of ‘’Believe in Science’’.

 In St. John's we are lucky to have a dedicated Art and Science room.  Each year Abbott Sligo and Declan Holmes are regular guests during  Science Week. Below is just a sample of some of the many activities that  take place during that week.
Science Week
Science Week with Declan Holmes
Abbott Sligo & Declan Holmes - Science Week
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